Responsive Web Design and Mobile Optimization

Responsive Web Design.

Mobile browsing has surpassed the desktop.Responsive Web Design

There is no question that mobile devices have become prominent in everyday life. Now more than ever it is important that your website be optimized for mobile viewing. Responsive web design can increase sales, boost customer engagement and give you an edge over your competition.

ClickCulture is a leading Raleigh responsive web design company. Click Culture is also considered as one of the top responsive web design firms in the triangle. If you are searching for a responsive web design company in Raleigh, consider ClickCulture. As an integrated online marketing firm specializing in responsive web design in Raleigh, we can help with all your web optimization needs.

ClickCulture mobile website development projects are all created with the client’s customers’ needs and preferences in mind. We take the proper steps for responsive web design to understand how your users are interacting with your website and what is important to them.

Step 1: Content Strategy

We do our homework. We comb through your website analytics and determine the most trafficked content areas and what the user’s needs are. We then make recommendations to improve navigation for your responsive web design either by reorganization or other means that will work across multiple devices.

Step 2: SEO and URL Strategy

We identify areas for improving URLs so they are not only SEO friendly but friendly to humans. We feel an obvious URL is a great URL. The shorter the URL the easier it is to share, or copy and paste.

Step 3: Layout and Graphics

Building on what we learn in step 1 we provide conceptual layouts for Raleigh mobile web design depicting where content will appear. We call this visual hierarchy. The most trafficked and most important content first, followed by content of lesser importance. We create a comprehensive set of design elements for Raleigh mobile optimization, including background images and colors, logo treatment, typography, heading and body copy text colors, button styles and colors, link styles and colors and navigation options.

Step 4: Responsive Web Design

During the concept phase we layout the site depicting where content will appear on the page across several common breakpoints. The homepage and a sample lower level page are fully rendered in responsive HTML/CSS as part of the design process for the client’s final approval. Breakpoints will be defined in this phase based on actual content and will be optimized for no fewer than 3 standard sizes… small (phone), medium (tablet), large (desktop).